How modern medicine became dangerous

Neoliberalism isn’t what you think it is

We are at a moment of crisis. The narrative of the left blames neo-liberalism, while that of the right the deep state. They are both wrong. Understanding the origins of the current health crisis - one of many -  is the key to understanding everything else. Sometime in the 1960s, a managerial logic took over the health sector. Doctors’ human judgement was replaced by algorithmic thinking and reliance on metrics that could be manipulated with drugs replaced the lived experience of patients. Then the same happened to economics. Unthinking techniques and reliance on metrics eventually seeped into politics. Curing contemporary medicine of its technocracy could be the model for resolving all our other crises, argues David Healy.


Rising global temperatures and increasing degradation of the environment with plastics and toxins grab our attention and leave little room for any awareness of the crises in health and social ‘care’ that may engulf us before any ris

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Yang Ruflo 23 August 2021

This is interesting. Those in the medical field has more of the knowledge regarding the matter. But medicine did a lot for humanity.
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geometry dash 3 August 2021

​Really I appreciate the effort you made to share the knowledge. The topic here I found was really effective to the topic which I was researching for a long time.
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Arlene Chaves 26 July 2021

The evolution of medicine is really a serious matter, our bodies also adapt to these changes. Fort Mcmurray Electrician

SusanneStevens 21 July 2021

David Healy's concerns are also documented on the David Healy blog and the Rxisk blog. He honours his commitment to those who have been harmed by medical practice pharma and their networks and talks of the how technocratic practice is damaging medics ability to heal

Vyacheslav Dianov 16 July 2021

This reasoning is groundless and technology has nothing to do with it. You need to have an objective knowledge of the person, the human soul, an understanding of the true cause of universal psychosis.
There is such knowledge, let's discuss.

henry galvin 16 July 2021

Sometime in the 1960s and a managerial logic took over the health sector.
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