How we can predict fashion

Vibe Shifts and Artificial Intelligence

Apparently a “vibe shift” is about to take place. Both fashion and culture attitudes are about to change, as they always eventually do.  The question is, how do we know when it’s about to happen – can we really predict fashion changes and cultural shifts? Stefano Marino and Gustavo Marfia argue that AI might soon be able to help us do exactly that. But used the wrong way, AI may also stifle creativity.


A recent article published on the journal The Cut claims in a quite emphatic way that “A Vibe Shift Is Coming”, and then thought-provokingly and almost dramatically asks: “Will any of us survive it?”. The article defines a vibe shift as “the catchy but sort of too-cool term”, coined by a trend-forecasting consultancy called 8Ball, that is used to express “a relatively simple idea: In the culture, sometimes things change, and a once-dominant social

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suka nobita 23 April 2022

Your article is very detailed and impressive to me, I hope to receive more good articles.