How We Think of Our Lives

Boredom in contemporary literature.

I’m bored in the U.S.A

How did it happen?

– Father John Misty, 'Bored in the U.S.A.'


Recently I found myself teaching Donald Barthelme’s now classic postmodern story “The Balloon” to undergraduate students in an American literature survey.  When I canvassed for reactions to the piece, I was surprised to hear a majority of the students describe the story as “boring.”  Barthelme’s surrealistic tale, in which an enormous balloon inexplicably appears over a large swath of Manhattan one day and elicits a bevy of citizen reactions, isn’t exactly what one would call dull.  That’s a little like calling Dali’s drooping clocks tiresome.  Nevertheless, the story’s dizzying language, weirdness, and l

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Rolex Nuovi 1 May 2022

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Jacob Cooper 7 June 2021

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