In Praise of Sci-Fi

How sci-fi explores our (post)modern predicament.

Professor of Literature at Royal Holloway University, science fiction writer and critic, Adam Roberts is the author of numerous award-winning books, including Anticopernicus and New Model Army.

Interviewed here by Vassili Christodoulou, Roberts speaks about the role of anarchist science in science fiction, how 1950s youth culture became today's mainstream culture and why Ballard shouldn't be remembered as a dystopian writer.


Twenty Trillion Leagues is your second novel using Verne as a heuristic. Verne famously disagreed with Welles as to the liberties an author of scientific romance should take with technological plausibility and invention. How important is it

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Ralf Drechsler 10 June 2021

Verne is the father of science fiction and all that is connected with sci-fi literature. "From the Earth to the Moon" is indeed a masterpiece: consider buying a book review with cheap essay help from an experienced science writer. Another example is "The Andromeda Strain" by Michael Chrichton.