Issue 56: Morality and Prejudice

Why are we still so wedded to moral judgment?

Is virtual murder morally wrong? Could we chemically enhance morality? Might prejudice be a force for good?

From burkas to bikinis, love unions to arranged marriages, we recognise that different cultures have different moral codes. Yet faced with ISIS brutality or genital mutilation, there seems a threshold past which we want to express definitive moral outrage.

In a culturally relative world why are we so wedded to moral judgment? Without a divine underpinning, has morality become no more than a means to give authority to prejudice? Or are there universal principles which form the basis of all cultures?

In this issue of IAI News, we investigate the perils of moral conviction. Each of our contributors will be testing the limits of different ethical frameworks to see if morality is, at the end of the day, nothing more than a fig leaf for prejudice.

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