Know Thyself

Is it possible to follow Socrates' famous maxim?

What does it mean to be true to yourself? Each one of us has a unique sense of self, but to arrive at that realisation is a lifetime project. This is especially true today.

We live in a world surrounded by technological innovation, and sometimes it feels as if we’re not sophisticated enough to cope. We have become overwhelmed by our surroundings and retreated into a world of technology.

You walk down the street and everyone’s face is to their phones – they’re either looking at them or speaking into them or listening to them. Why are we all suddenly doing this? It is part of a process of homogenisation that masks important aspects of our uniqueness as individuals.

Each of us have our own particular abilities – whether that’s the ability to perceive shapes or patterns or to get lost in a particular physical activity, or have a real instinct about taste or smell. As a result, we all have different interests too

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