What role will computers play in the war over human freedom?

General-purpose computers are astounding. Even the most apparently straight-forward home computers are so astounding that our society still struggles to come to grips with them, what they're for, how to accommodate them, and how to cope with them. This is most apparent when it comes to the complex relationship between technology (especially the internet) and law, but is also an issue of increasing in the spheres of politics, privacy and surveillance.

In the beginning, we had packaged software and we had sneakernet. We had floppy disks in ziplock bags, in cardboard boxes, hung on pegs in shops, and sold like candy bars and magazines. They were eminently susceptible to duplication, were duplicated quickly, and widely, and this was to the great chagrin of people who made and sold software. Enter Digital Rights Management in its most primitive forms. They introduced physical indicia which the software checked for – deliberate damage,

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Tony Banks 2 August 2023

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