Love Incorporated

Has technology turned love into a transaction?

Among older people, internet dating can be seen as dangerous or desperate. Among younger people, it has become the taken-for-granted way to meet new people, because so much of their social life is online anyway. The media pounce on every case of ‘romance fraud’, or where a relationship initiated online ended badly. So there is supporting evidence for almost any perspective you choose on internet dating, whether good, bad, or indifferent.

Meeting new friends and/or lovers via websites on the internet is most popular, and highly concentrated, among young people, especially unmarried singles. Tinder is the most extreme addition to the repertoire. It shows you photos of men and women in your vicinity, who you might like the look of enough to respond with a YES, rather than a NO to an immediate date – with the potential for a spontaneous sexual encounter. Grindr is the equivalent website for gay men, which established the idea of spontaneous sexual adventure

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ximeno6706 goqoez 6 June 2021

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