Supply and Demand

It’s time to end the power of the drug-dealer.

The freest of free markets in the world today is the market for illegal drugs. It is completely unregulated, it’s run by dealers, and it’s time we put a stop to it. By legalising cannabis and by treating those addicted to more serious drugs as patients rather than criminals, we would take control of the drugs economy away from organised crime and see significant social improvements not only in the UK but across the world.

All areas of UK drug policy are in need of a rethink. For a start, the number of addicts in jail is extremely worrying. Addiction to drugs such as heroin ought to be treated as a health problem not a crime, because by making drug-taking a crime, we’re encouraging more crime. Apart from possession, most drug-related crime in the UK involves addicts stealing in order to finance their habit. If such drugs were available free for addicts on the NHS, there would be many fewer robberies and burglaries. And in one stroke this would undercut the drug dealers. I

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Sean L 10 January 2018

There is already an illegal market in tobacco. Unless the regulated / legal price of the substance was lower than the street price, i.e, one could procure crack cocaine legally at a cheaper price, there's no reason to suppose that legalisation, in expanding the market for highly addictive substances wouldn't prove a boon to the illegal market.