Everywhere and Nowhere

Can we transcend the human craving for opposition?

True or false, male or female, Heaven or Hell. Human thought craves oppositions. Can we transcend this way of thinking or are these oppositions fundamental to human thought, and even wrought within the fabric of the world?

Director of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London Barry C Smith, LSE sociologist Hilary Rose, award-winning philosopher of the information age Luciano Floridi and post postmodernist thinker Hilary Lawson investigate new ways of thinking.  



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Dennis Norton 30 August 2021

Wherever you look, you see a person staring into their phone. Whether it be at the bus stop, in class waiting for the teacher to arrive, or on a walk with friends while enjoying nature- phones are ubiquitous. It is hard to not see someone looking to https://www.college-paper.org/pay-for-papers/ and scrolling through social media feeds or texting someone who they have been talking to for hours. In fact, statistics show that people spend an average of three hours per day on their phone! In this blog post we will explore why it's so addictive and what can be done about it.