On the Spot: George Galloway

Ten questions with the Respect MP and writer.

Who is the most significant living figure in global politics, and why?

Well there is the most prominent one for sure, and that is Barack Obama, and not for the right reasons. I had great hopes for him when he was elected but these have gone entirely unfulfilled. He has acted, particularly on foreign policy, in exactly the ways of his predecessors. But for the most significant I'd go for Xi Jinping, the president of China.

The country has developed amazingly in the last two decades – I'd hazard unprecedentedly – but it is going to become the dominant superpower in my lifetime, I'm sure. Of course it has its internal problems, currently over Hong Kong, but the country under successive leaders, now Xi Jinping, has been transformed into an economic and cultural powerhouse. I'll certainly be trying to convince my youngest that he should study Chinese at school.

What makes a good idea great?  

Putting it into practice, surely

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