Optimism and the Good Life

Why optimism can make you a better, happier person

What is the good life? I interpret the question in terms of what contributes to our success as agents. Assuming that we are lucky enough not to have to devote all of our mental and physical energy to escaping death or avoiding suffering, what enables us to acquire and preserve the motivation to pursue and achieve the goals we set for ourselves? Why do we persist, in the face of initial failures and arduous challenges? Resilience and determination is often explained by a belief in something greater than us that inspires them. Alternatively, praise is given to an agent’s personality that makes her bounce back from defeats and never give up. And to be sure, it is easier to overcome the inevitable obstacles that might ariseif a supportive social network can be relied on. There is something plausible in all the explanations above. But what if the secret of our perseverance were an all-too-common bias?

I want to suggest that it is our pervasive irrationality that in some

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