Post-liberalism and its dangers

The revolt against liberalism

Liberalism has increasingly been the target of criticism, worldwide. At the vanguard of this critique is a group of intellectuals known as “post-liberals” who lament radical individualism and the corrosive effects that the market economy has on communities. Matt McManus argues that while post-liberals offer some compelling critiques again liberalism, ultimately the movement poses a danger to democracy.


Since liberalism burst onto the scene as a revolutionary credo in the 17th (or 18th or 19th, depending on who is asking) century it has never wanted for one thing: critics. Many of the most famous have appeared on the political left, from Marx famously launching bromides against the exploitative alienation of “bourgeois” society, to Foucault’s denunciation of our emerging disciplinary society. But, ever since Robert Filmer felt compelled to defend the divine right of kings in De Patriarcha, a

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