Post-Truth in 7 Debates

We bring you our guide to the end of expertise

“Facts just twist the truth around/facts are living turned inside out” – so sang David Byrne of Talking Heads in 1980’s hit "Crosseyed and Painless", but it’s a refrain that could just as easily apply to post-truth politics – a climate where, as Michael Gove famously declared, “we’ve had enough of experts”.

Key claims in the Brexit campaign (such as that EU membership cost Britain £350m a week) disappear without a trace once the referendum is won, and a US presidential campaign features spurious tweets claiming global warming was invented by the Chinese – where does this leave 21st century politics, and our place in it? Statistics have always been malleable, and “the truth” a fickle beast; but it seems that our relationship with it as a concept is fundamentally changing, and that comes with new sets of challenges.

To get a handle on a world unmoored from facts, look no further than these debates. Featuring the finest thinkers of the 21

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