False requiem for globalisation

Global economic integration won't slow down for long

Despite predicted economic depression, the Covid-19 pandemic will not spell the end of globalisation. The momentum of global economic integration won't be slowed for long and the drive for international connectivity from developing countries will quickly see international travel and trade resume. 

A lot of people who should know better are giving the last rites to the global economic integration (globalisation) we have enjoyed since the Second World War. I think that they are wrong, both in the prediction that globalisation is bound to go into reverse and in the relish with which its demise is being embraced. Much of this debate is also ahistorical. There was a pretty globalised world in 1913. It had its ugly side in the Empires; but three decades of de-globalisation with violent nationalism and war are not a happy precedent.

I wrote a book about ‘globalisation’ 25 years ago. I argued that it was, in general, beneficial and had contributed generously to the

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