Rethinking the left

Unifying the divided

We are threatened by a creeping movement towards global fascism. But more scarily, argues cultural commentator and moral philosopher, Professor Susan Neiman, fascism is unified and the left is not. A small but growing faction of the left - the woke left - abandoned enlightenment ideals and replaced them with an untenable set of principles. In this article based on her new book, ‘Left is not woke’, Neiman lays out where the left is, how it got here and how it can reembrace universal justice to unify and fight the evils of this world.

Susan Neiman will be delivering a solo talk on ‘Left is not woke’ at the upcoming Howthelightgetsin Festival September 23rd/24th 2023.


Let us mince no words: we are threatened by an international movement towards fascism. The solidarity between far-right nationalists sugges

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