Rethinking truth

Richard Rorty's revolutionary departure

We all think we can get at the truth, this objective part of the world which can always be discovered. But everything from physics, philosophy and neuroscience tells us truth is untrustworthy. Michael Unger argues that the radical programme of Richard Rorty, can give us a new way of seeing the world, Truth as Trust.

Philosophers spent the 20th century trying to find a foundation for truth. Few figures dared to challenge its very foundations. Richard Rorty stands as a bold and controversial figure who shook the theory of truth to its core. Building a framework which offers a more liberal and democratic way of seeing the world and the truths we hold. Though often denigrated as leading to relativism, Rorty's neo-pragmatism can be seen as a radical new way of engaging with the world. His philosophy offered a new philosophical paradigm and a new way of understanding the world and our role in it. I explore what his impact is and how we should incorporate it into our lives.

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