Screw the Fairytale

Are white weddings past their sell-by date?

When I say to people that I don’t fancy marriage and kids, they look shocked, as if they have not imagined life any other way. Sometimes they make an aphorism about growing old with cats. Some get concerned that I may be lonely when I reach 70. Now, I don’t want to sound myopic, but I’m 37! Going on a hunt to find a permanent partner now to ward off a hypothetical state of loneliness several decades from now seems as shrewd as taking out a life insurance policy.
Besides, I hardly imagine that septuagenarians will have a problem with loneliness in the 2050s. The way technology is going we’ll have all manner of sophisticated social networking apps, location-mapping us wherever we go, linking us to niche social groups that share our interests.

It’s not that I’m against a relationship. Falling in love is one of the greatest human highs there is. But it’s not one of my life goals, as it is for so many. In our moder

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