Socrates vs Jesus

Steve Fuller compares two icons of Western culture

Socrates and Jesus are arguably the two most exemplary people in all of history. At the very least, they stand out as icons of the Western cultural experience – the one of uncompromising criticism, the other of comprehensive concern. To be compared to either, however flattering, has been often dangerous and almost always embarrassing. No one can ever quite match the standards set by Socrates and Jesus.

Today, what is most remarkable about their exalted status is not that they lived over two thousand years ago. Nor is it their studied avoidance of secular power and spiritual authority. Nor, for that matter, is it their untimely deaths in societies that, in many respects, could not see them disappear too quickly. Rather, Socrates and Jesus are remarkable in being very much creatures of our own times.

Both were ‘celebrities’ in the strict sense: they were known more for their style of being in the world than for any widely agreed achievements. Indeed, the only agr

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Sujittrachat 30 January 2014

Could Socrates and Jesus be the same thing in common, from this century point of view, two super geniuses? We don't know how the laws of gods or God (what they believed in) go, but may be those laws were creating them to serve some purposes. It's real tragic that they were treated like criminals and may be, may be, the mass is here to blame. But if they had lived longer, what could they have done or been ? So, what's so important to discuss about them at all? I rescind my point. They were great, but the world treated them badly. W H A T ' S G O I N G O N H E R E ?