Big tech doesn’t want AI to become conscious

An interview with Susan Schneider

Artificial intelligence can be impressive to the extent that people think it might one day acquire human intelligence and, with it, consciousness. But AI can be far more intelligent than humans without ever being conscious. And apart from us having no idea how to create conscious AI, it might not even be that desirable. We fool ourselves if we think conscious beings are the exemplar of intelligence in the universe, argues Susan Schneider in this interview with iai News.  


Susan Schneider will be taking part in an IAI LIVE Event: Consciousness in the Machine this Monday, January 9th. She’ll be joined by Donald Hoffman, Bernardo Kastrup and Theories of Everything’s Curt Jaimungal. Don’t miss what is sure to be a fascinating debate. Book your tickets now.


If we define consciousness along the lines of Thomas Nagel as the inner feel of existence, the fact that for some be

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