The Beauty of Experiments Matters

Aesthetic experience and the significance of scientific results

We are used to the idea that beauty and elegance are valued in scientific theories. But what about beautiful experimental set-ups and results? We should not overlook the significance of the aesthetics of experiments, writes Milena Ivanova.


While scientific products, such as theories, models and experiments, are created in our attempt to understand and manipulate the world around us, they are also often praised for being aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

From scientific theories, such as Einstein’s relativity and Darwin’s evolution, to the experiments that led to the discovery of electrons, DNA replication or decomposition of light, scientific products are praised not only for uncovering truths about the world but also for doing so in an elegant, apt and beautiful way.

In addition to praising the products of scientific engagement as aesthetically valuable, we also assign artistic and creative credit to scientists, just as we do with artists

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