The crisis of creativity

We are losing our grip on creativity; how can we regain it?

Research suggests that creativity has been declining over recent centuries¹; a trend which shows no sign of abating. But why is this the case? And is there a way of reviving creativity within the confines of the modern world? In this article, Peter Carruthers examines the origins of creativity, and argues that in order to reclaim this lost art, we must put down our devices, and allow our minds to wander again.


Creativity is the production of things that are both novel and valuable (whether physical artefacts, actions, or ideas). But what are the sources of creativity? Are there different kinds of creativity? And how can creativity be facilitated or impeded?

The sources of creativity are unconscious. You can’t force it or choose it. You have to let it come. The Greeks even believed that there are divine spi

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