The Death of Sisterhood

On the growing divisions between working women.

Modern feminists are obsessed by the interests of their own kind. Most leading feminist columnists are still getting worked up about the so-called pay gap. But this simply should not be an issue when there are so many other, more pressing problems, such women and domestic violence. Where was feminism on female genital mutilation? For years the headline feminists were just utterly uninterested in it. There was a complete lack of interest in girls in care homes too. We’ve known for years that these awful events were taking place, and did the feminist movement pick up on it? No. It was The Times that hung on in there, male journalists at The Times who uncovered that story. Where was the Fawcett Society when that broke?

Today’s feminists need to realise that it makes less and less sense to talk about women as if they were a single group or indeed, as if they were a group that have the same interests and priorities. That used to be the case

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Michael Hunt 26 February 2015

Yeah the wage gap is a complete myth, there are 3 million cases of FGM worldwide and 70 million cases of MGM with half a million baby boys dying or ending up in hospital in Africa alone.
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