Atkins vs Midgley: The Limits of Science - part 4

Only science offers deep understanding of reality.

This article is part of The Limits of Science: an ongoing debate between scientist Peter Atkins and philosopher Mary Midgley.

Midgley launches the debate by arguing that science does not have the answers to every question. In Science Unlimited, Atkins contends that, in fact, science will explain all of existence. Then, Midgley responds in Knowledge is Not an Empire, by arguing that science is just one field of enquiry among others. Now, Atkins counters that only science offers us a deep

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J J 3 3 January 2018

My main out-take from this series is that Online Debates are definitely not a good way to reach a profound understanding of reality.

To add to the mess: Godel proved that no-one is going to get a complete picture of reality, and he did it without evidence.