The ethical transhumanist

The values at the heart of this complex movement

The longevity industry has the ability to transform biology, append the body, overcome disease, and slow down aging. Its critics argue that this science only benefits the privileged, that it put humans above other life-forms and that it lacks ethical principles. These heavy-handed allegations ignore the vision and values at the core of this complex movement, argues Natasha Vita-More. Read 'The irrationality of transhumanists' here.


Many consider extending life beyond the maximum lifespan to be unnatural. Despite this, biomedical research is advancing in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease with new therapies for preserving health and extending life. Rather than turning a blind eye, society needs to be informed about these advances and to understand their benefits and consequences.

Transhumanism is a philosophy and a worldview which advocates for the ethical use of te

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Ro Berti 23 February 2021

Things will be different if we look at them in a different, more positive way.

Richard Meitser 17 February 2021

I made a similar comment on the other recent trans humanism article on this site - I'm glad you used the word 'ethical' rather than 'moral' because transhumanism is absolutely immoral - it places the existence of some human beings above others, and even above all the other human begins that could ever exist. How on earth is wanting to live for ever good for anyone apart from that person? It is selfish. These principles seem like a cover for abandoning caution and medical checks and balances.