The Fantasy of Reality

Why belief in reality is a dangerous mistake

Most of us, most of the time, have the sense that we are connected to the real.  The immediate world around us, the objects and people, the buildings and the natural world seem unquestionably present.  Not only in the sense that we are experiencing them but in the sense that they exist independently of us out there in the real world.

Some, we imagine slightly crazed, philosophers may have doubted the existence of those objects and the real world and proposed that it is all a dream and a product of our subjective imagination.  We feel we know better.   Aside from moments of mental instability or those who have taken rather too many psychoactive substances,  we have an abiding sense that the world we experience is for the most part only too real.


"Philosophical Realism is a mistake that limits our ability to intervene successfully in the world and encourages division and conf

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Daryl Oatman 19 April 2022

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Debra AStein 29 August 2021

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Peter Brooks 20 December 2019

An enjoyable article.

The Copenhagen interpretation is a fairytale and certainly not central to modern physics - it was a mistake engendered by the dislike of non-locality, which is something we’ve plenty of evidence is still the case,

Still, the article makes good points despite this mistake.