The gender myth

Both sex and gender are mosaic

Debates are everywhere: Are sex and gender innate? Is sex natural and gender social?  Is gender the result of sex? But, scientifically, both sex and gender are mosaics, so why are we so obsessed? asks Daphna Joel

Are sex and gender natural? To my mind, a much more interesting question is: why do we care? But first, let me say a few words about the original question.

Sex is a biological system comprised of genes and hormones, and in this sense, it is ‘natural’. By saying that sex is ‘natural’ people tend to imply that it's immutable, yet natural phenomena, including those related to sex, are often subject to change. For example, the levels of sex-related hormones constantly fluctuate, in response to internal and external events. Some of the factors affecting the levels of these hormones are highly dependent on a person's gender. For example, competing and parenting – which in many cul

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Veronica 7 December 2020

This is seriously stretching a few interesting point about hormonal fluctuations - sure, testosterone other sex hormones can go up and down. This does not change ones DNA - sex is still ultimately a binary. Clearly this author is politically motivated by her dream of a genderless society. One can agree with that without pretending that binary sex doesn't exist. Making arguments that ignore obvious biology is not going to help this cause.