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Leading philosophers at HowTheLightGetsIn Global

HowTheLightGetsIn Global 2020


The IAI's online festival HowTheLightGetsIn returns in September, bigger and better than ever. We'll be discussing the biggest topics from science, philosophy, politics, and the arts. 

Over the weekend 19-20 September, there will be more than 200 events on eight stages, streaming live from DelhiLondon and New York. Whatever continent you call home, you will be able to join the festival and take part in a time zone close to your own. Explore the festival here

We're thrilled to have a host of leading philosophers joining us to debate the underlying issues shaping the world of tomorrow. Speakers include Daniel Dennett, Nancy Fraser, Simon Blackburn, Anandi Hattiangadi, Bjorn Ekeberg, Mazviita Chirimuuta, David Pearce, Sophie-Grace Chappell, Sundar Sarukkai, Shahidha Bari and Hannah Dawson, with many more to still be announced. 

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See big ideas like this one debated live at the IAI’s online festival, HowTheLightGetsIn Global between September 19-20. Hundreds of events live-streamed from London, Delhi and New York, featuring the biggest thinkers in philosophy, science, politics, the arts and economics. Find out more here.
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