Atkins vs Midgley: The Limits of Science - part 1

Why science doesn't have all the answers.

This article is part of The Limits of Science: an ongoing debate between scientist Peter Atkins and philosopher Mary Midgley.

Midgley launches the debate by arguing that science does not have the answers to every question. In Science Unlimited, Atkins contends that, in fact, science will explain all of existence. Then, Midgley responds in Knowledge is Not an Empire, by arguing that science is just one field of enquiry among others. Now, Atkins counters that only science offers us a deep 

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Sridharan Krishnaswami 26 November 2015

Science ultimately rests on quantification. Therefore, it cannot speak about human cognition of non-quantifiable concepts.

karl4 31 October 2015

Not convincing. Setting up straw men and knocking them down. . .