The potential of postmodernism

What's left after the end of history?

Is postmodernism doomed to impotent interpretations of the world around us, never able to change things for the better? Or does the deconstruction of binaries and challenging of grand narratives offer us a fruitful way to think about the age we live in, and where it might take us? Simon Glendinning responds to Mike Cole's article

Mike Cole begins and ends his essay on the ongoing significance of Marxism with the evocation of Marx’s own pronouncement on what is needed in our time: not merely an effort to interpret the world, something Marx regarded as the results of philosophy hitherto, but to change it. Postmodernism is regarded by Cole as the contemporary epitome of that old pre-Marxist philosophical failing: not only does it only interpret the world, it is limited to such an ambition “by definition”.

Cole does not elaborate on this claim by providing a definition of

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This essay is a perfect example of why postmodernism will never achieve anything. It is more than a-political, it is a destructive force. The endless creation of 'isms' and senseless words, the inability to enunciate or see clearly the moral pressure of human suffering.