The rise of God-like beings

Overcoming the limits of being human

Are some important questions simply un-answerable by humans due to the type of biological beings we are? Philosophers such as Kant thought so. But humanity’s thirst for knowledge makes us unhappy with not knowing. In an age where person-engineering technologies such as Crispr and Neuralink are becoming a reality, enhancing our biology might illuminate the answers to some of life’s deepest questions writes Mark Walker.


Today we are at the cusp of our most profound crisis—what I call the “über crisis”. The antecedents of this crisis can be traced back at least to Heraclitus, one of the early Greek philosophers, who wrote,

“The wisest man will appear an ape in relation to God, both in wisdom and beauty and everything else.”

Heraclitus offers an early formulation of what I call ‘noetic skepticism’. When applied to any species, noetic skepticism says that there are biological limits to its ability to grasp important truths.

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Daniel MAlloy 1 24 February 2021

The author, in true modernist form, neglected to consider there is a God and we are in comparison apes, maybe ants, and this God wont be having any of our vain imaginations.

Jeffrey Baybick 19 February 2021

There is no question that one or more currently available technologies (or evolution in these technologies) will achieve near immortality. The question who will be the recipient of these technologies. I guarantee it will not be everyone and probably a select few. It will cement the emergence of the new feudalism, with the ruling class essentially established forever.

Percy Larsen 19 February 2021

While the idea of noetic beings is a fetching curiosity, what would be far more challenging development would be something quite different: beings that loved better than homo sapiens. Not love in the romantic sense, but in the sense of self-sacrificial giving.

Unlike being unhappy because of the idea of ungraspable knowledge, that kind of love offers its own fulfillment.

It's interesting and informative that science and philosophy don't seem to be nearly as interested in such a development.