The self unlocked

Psychedelic experience is the key to the self

For generations philosophers have wrestled with the concept of Self. Time, memory and agency all seem to play a vital role in understanding who we are. Psychedelic experiences subvert and distort each of those features of our existence, and give us the chance to examine our selves in a whole new light.  

"[W]hat we experience in our dreams ... is as much a part of the overall economy of our soul as anything we 'really' experience."

 – Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Such is it with dreams; even more so with psychedelics. But psychedelic experience not only enriches the self, it can contribute to our understanding of what the self is or can be. Psychedelic intake can violently alter aspects of the prosaic, or ordinary self; moreover it can add multiple further facets. In fact, it can in extremis destroy or multiply the "self" – with a range from individuality through unity to i

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