The truth about digital blackface

How internet memes create a constrictive identity

In the dynamic culture of internet memes and group Whatsapp threads there are a conspicuous number of black faces. Used to convey a reaction or an emotion, black facial expressions, hand movements and ways of moving or resting, have become a way for people of all races to express themselves; a worldwide emotional currency. There is something troubling about this trend but the usual theories of ‘digital blackface’- based on cultural appropriation or the consumption of black bodies - are based on bad philosophy. At root, this phenomenon could be positive, but we must read the real messages behind these many faces, writes Nicholas Whittaker as part of a series with Aesthetics for Birds.



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Taylor Watson 7 July 2021

We are all occupied by the digital world but still, we are not able to see digital black faces. This digital era has become our need. Everything we now do digitally like talking, chatting, studying, doing cisi exam preparation, learning, hence everything now we do virtually through our digital apps. We don't know that there are digital faces hidden behind this whole world and are always watching us.