Thinking the Grey Areas

An interview with Luciano Floridi.

Award-winning philosopher of the information age, Luciano Floridi, is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford. In this interview, Floridi comments on the peculiar human obsession with oppositions.

Some philosophy has questioned the reality of all direct oppositions. How far would you agree that all oppositions are constructed?

Oppositions are not constructed – as if it were up to us to decide about them entirely – but they are not discovered either – as if we only needed to acknowledge them by registering their presence in the world from some God’s eye perspective. They are designed, and this means that they are a mixture of objective data and subjective manipulation.

We can see the world in black or white, appreciate it as big or small, evaluate it in terms of right or wrong, or think that it must be discrete or continuous. But the truth is that any opposition is the outcome of a specific abstr

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Ronald Higgins 13 February 2014

I entirely agree about the dangers of the simplistic binary bind....sometimes necessary, even useful and often a gross distortion.
But what is this digital-analogue opposition? I'm afraid its 60 years since I read philosophy and \I'm not sure is was invented then!
Thanks, Ronald Higgins