Trust Me, I'm Google

Could social media be good for our health?

Move over Dr Google, there’s a new junior doctor in town: Dr Twitter. And he’s throwing up a new set of challenges connected to digital media and healthcare.

Medics and patients seem to have become two of the most natural groups of tweeters – perhaps it’s those long hours in waiting rooms for the latter, ease with beepers for the former. The combined cohort can dominate Twitter with discussions about treatment and patient care. And an example of this at its best is the campaign like #hellomynameis initiated by Dr Kate Granger, a doctor who has terminal cancer, and is using her experience to better care for all patients.

Meanwhile, hospitals are tweeting everything from jobs to what’s happening in A&E. NHS Blood and Transplant can send out tweets when they are running low on blood stocks and get an instant and fantastic response. Drugs companies are reaching out beyond their natur

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