Virtual reality and the divided self

Can virtual reality help us live in an increasing digital world?

Technological advancement has increased exponentially. However, biological evolution continues to move slowly. Are our animal selves dangerously out-of-sync with the progress made in the digital world? We must, perhaps counter-intuitively, use the technology of virtual reality to re-align our organic identities with our digital ones, write Mike Heim.



The evolutionary loop between embodied selves and media production is out-of-sync. Dangerously out-of-phase. People adjust to new technology, and the producers in turn target a new kind of user. Over time, the gap between our embodied selves and the online world produces a Divided Self. We might draw on past models to better synchronize the loop to create an alternate and more deliberate evolution. The changing relationship between evolving organisms and their technology is an art project of major proportions. The artists might consider the feedback model explored by Robert Monroe in the 1960s.


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Haji Benstoke 29 July 2021

However, biological evolution continues to move slowly. Are our animal selves dangerously out-of-sync with the progress made in the digital world?

Ruth Beaudin 12 July 2021

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Klais Surik 5 April 2021

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