We risk turning life into an illness

Is my doctor a neoliberal?

From apps to doctor's offices, we are being given more and more data and detail about our health. We are then given the drugs we need to balance each person's collection of conditions. This however argues David Healy is just the result of the neoliberal target setting pharmacology establishment pushing drugs to treat life. He argues for a rejection of this treatment in his continuation of Technology and the demise of medicine.


Targets created economic neo-liberalism. Targets emerged simultaneously in medicine and illustrate the ramifications of neoliberalism.

Treating diseases was the traditional goal of medicine. Up to 1980, doctors measured blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, bone densities, and scores on rating scales as an aid to treating heart attacks, diabetes, or psychoses.

In 1981, blood pressure, glucose and related targets treating which would prevent heart attacks or psychoses. Services reorganized themselves to screen for a

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