When the Money Runs Out

What's the danger of allowing a culture of blame?

Sluggish growth, a loss of trust, a culture of blame, an unequal burden of austerity, growing deflationary pressures: it’s hardly the most tempting of cocktails. We are threatened with a dystopian world of economic and financial failure, leading to political instability on the grandest of scales. We may no longer be engaged in twentieth-century debates about the relative benefits of the free market versus central planning. Marxist- Leninist dogma has, thankfully, disappeared from view. But we are in danger of letting a culture of blame and mistrust develop. We cannot understand why we have to make sacrifices so we search, instead, for sacrificial lambs. It’s a convenient approach, absolving ourselves from blame even as we construct a narrative to blame others. Yet if we all follow the same approach, it won’t be long before the politics of isolation, introspection and even hatred makes a comeback.

Indeed, it may already be with us. Support for the UK Inde

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binra 29 January 2015

Is the play of polarized thinking that passes as rational political and social idea a device of distraction from the underpinnings of the financial system itself? An illusory sense of freedom in self-becoming or other-opposing rather than a freedom OF being, of culture and of creative relationships. In a debt based system where control of the money supply can allow any kind of politics to run a region as long as it suits the principal aims of the controlling agenda.
When everything is turned to gold - or indeed money - there is no life to live.
True currency is Consciousness, which resides not in separated personae acting out their fears or powerlusts - but is the very Idea Exchange that Consciousness Is. What you put out, is what you get back. Recognizing a Prodigal Wasteland is awakening FROM vanities of ignorance and arrogance To a truly connected and connecting integrity. Not the presentation of a social acceptance or respectability or stature - but an essential honesty of being that has to be denied to NOT operate, because it is integral to our being as our being is to the Whole. The kind of thought-currency that adulterates and corrupts the awareness and appreciation of our wholeness is that of 'divide and rule' - and although this can be pointed to with the finger of blame - doing so only serves the same agenda - for blame is inherent to a fear defined reactivity. We naturally protect our investments, but rarely question their true value to us - not least because we become dependent on and indentured to, a dis-integrity that invalidates and compels us to choose what we do not want, or to want what does not deliver fulfillment - but only an indentured identity.
A true account has to be made directly and not via the glass darkly of a false accounting.
Then indeed you can flow and grow within a reality that is redeemed as your conscious acceptance of relationship and participation. There is nothing this world can give that can substitute for who your truly are, but in seeing it as the opportunity of a willingness to extend who you are, is the blessing shared that reconnects us all to a perspective in which a lack-based identity can be recognized and released.
Lack-based currency cannot go forth and multiply anything but lack. Is this not apparent?