Why running makes you a better person

Plato's marathon to morality

Running makes a person moral, argues Sabrina Little in her new book The Examined Run. The idea that athletics can shape a person’s character is not a new one. Around 375 BCE, Plato wrote of gymnastics as preparation for education. But with only 15% of the US population running, is there a danger that this moral person is on decline? Sabrina argues that this may be the case, running can diffuse into moral action outside of the trainers.


In early October 2016, I broke the navicular bone in my foot three weeks out from the Trail World Championships. I broke it through a combination of an imbalance, which had developed in my stride, and by running too many miles on hard surfaces. Having had little experience with broken bones, I did not detect a growing pain that should have been a cause for alarm, so I caught the injury after it was too late to recuperate with

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