Why We Shouldn't Be Scared of AI

AI is a continuity of human intelligence.

We don’t know what human intelligence is, so how can we even consider what artificial intelligence is?

We talk of AI as if it’s something new to the 21st Century, that’s going to end all humanity, over which we have no control, but which will control us instead. As if it’s a sole all-encompassing actor in our digital age.

But is it really? The majority of people have no idea of what AI is, despite the fact that it’s been around us for many years and that, in fact, it’s something that we can master. We can choose how AI is created, curated and governed, and what it uses as its source of data and information.

An example of AI in action that is around us every day is chatbots. They are, simply put, computer programmes built to have a conversation – either spoken or written - with people. How do they do this? Are these programmes so ‘intelligent’ that they give such human-sounding responses that we can’t tell if we’re talking to a human

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leyibop leyibop 27 May 2022

You are doing amazing work keep it up

aric joshua 12 July 2021

I believe robotic technology will prosper in a few years, but it will never be able to replace people cookie clicker.

aric joshua 12 July 2021

In a few years, I think robotic technology will thrive but cannot replace humans <a href="https://cookieclicker2.io">cookie clicker</a>.