Žižek and the game of life

HowTheLightGetsIn debates The Game of Life

At the HowTheLightGetsIn festival earlier this year, Slavoj Žižek, Steven Bonnell (aka Destiny) and Lisa Miller met to debate ‘The Game of Life’. Hosted by Myriam François. The philosopher, the YouTuber and the spiritual psychologist traversed the increasing gamification of reality, and what it might mean for capitalism, virtual reality, and the meaning of life. Ricky Williamson explores the debate, Apple Vision Pro, Nietzsche, and consciousness, and offers a perspective to help you win at the game of life. Watch the debate this article is about here


Apple has entered the AR/VR game. The new Apple Vision Pro allows the wearer to enter into a half-virtual, half-physical world. The virtual and the real are blurring and becoming one.

We already spend half our lives staring at our phones. But what if our phones were literally taped to our eyeballs? This is effectively the v

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