China's illusion of success

Will China rule the world?

That China will be the new superpower, alongside the United States, cannot be seriously contested. Its population of over a billion, its recent increase in economic strength and export capability, its status as a nuclear weapon state and its occupation of a permanent seat on the Security Council of the United Nations will ensure that its aspiration is realised.

Indeed, its emergence as a superpower  should have occurred  50 years ago. It was the foolishness of its Communist ideology, of the Great Leap Forward, and of the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong, that seriously delayed its transformation.

In Communism and Marxism-Leninism the Soviet possessed an alternative ideology that had appeal to millions of ordinary people. China has no comparable ideology.

This is not just hypothesis. We have known, for many years, that the Chinese are excellent and successful capitalists when they are allowed to

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ingrid edelmann 2 May 2020

Insightful and realistic account of China today. BRICSA was not mentioned and it's a big part of China's silk road policy: alternative financing to the World Bank and US currency for funding/investment banking for developing nations.

gpcus 2 May 2020

I am curious to know what cocktail of drugs and alcohol Mr. Rifkind gulps down before putting himself in front of a typewriter... I wish I would able to list such an amount of stereotypes, fantasies and unsubstantiated statements in one essay and not only being probably paid for it, but even getting taken seriously...