Rawls vs Populism: A new vision for the centre-left

What would a fair society look like?

The term ‘democracy’ is over 2000 years old, and yet, to this day, we still grapple with what a fair and just society really looks like. Daniel Chandler argues that justice isn’t just a question of new policies but rather philosophy. We need a new philosophy, a new vision, to transform our societies for the better. Chandler argues, though, that these ideas are hiding in plain sight: Rawls is the answer. In this article, he uses Rawlsian justice to propose new policies for political reform.

Excerpt from FREE AND EQUAL: A Manifesto for a Just Society, for The.Ink


Most citizens of the world’s rich democracies would agree that our societies are far from fair. Many would point to a familiar list of problems: a political system dominated by the rich; the profound influence that class, race and gender have on people’s opportunities; the enormously unequal distribution of money, power and social prestige; and climate catastrophe.


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