Bruno Latour: The Delusions of Modernity

The philosophical legacy of Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour, a leading French intellectual who died on October 9, posed a major challenge to modern philosophy’s key assumption: the existence of a distinction between the human subject and the world. His radical alternative suggestion of seeing the world as a collection of actors interacting with each other offered a new framework for understanding science, politics, and the environmental crisis, writes philosopher and Bruno Latour’s intellectual biographer, Graham Harman.


With the death of Bruno Latour from cancer on October 9, the world lost a prominent and paradoxical figure whose deepest contributions are not yet well understood. In one sense it would be absurd to call him “unappreciated,” given his receipt of the 2013 Holberg Prize and 2021 Kyoto Prize, his nearly 300,000 citations by other scholars, and his vast global network of admirers and co-workers. But like so many pivotal intellectuals, Latour was a peg who never quite fit the most pre

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Jim Balter 12 October 2022

"neurophilosophers counter by reducing thought to the secretions of the brain; others introduce the human body as a third term supposedly able to bridge the gap. What none of them question is the strangely implausible assumption that thought deserves to be placed in one basket of the cosmos with everything else packed together in a second."

This is obviously not true.

Alice Bramboise 12 October 2022

Bruno Latour is probably the most famous French philosopher in the English-speaking world, more so than in his native France. It may have to do with his ideas which seem to clash with the culture of France, less than with the Anglo-Saxon world.
His revolutionary ideas have yet to really cross to the mainstream consciousness of the age.
Alice Bramboise
Fleuriste France