Coding the Universe

What is information? How does it relate to matter?

Information theory argues that to be is to be a real pattern. But what is information and how does it relate to matter?

It seems that the kind of materialism defended by the ancient Greek atomists and their successors in early modern natural philosophy is not viable. Atoms are not partless particles, and the particles that compose atoms are excitation modes of fields whose ultimate nature is tied up with questions about extra dimensions and the interpretation of mathematical structures used in physics.

Science has also developed to the extent that it now gives us ontology at many levels. Within the physical sciences we have a rough hierarchy from the solids and fluids of geology through the molecular structure of chemical kinds to the atoms and their orbiting electrons, to the subatomic realm of particles and fundamental forces, to quantum fields, superstrings and beyond.

The biological and behavioural sciences are much more complex but similarly offer us layers of

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RossMilburn 30 December 2015

Regards your final statement that there “must be a physical machine” subject to thermodynamics, what happens when entropy is maximized, the universe is homogeneous, and there are no more patterns, or information, for mathematics to measure? Will the universe cease to exist, which means that it consists of nothing but patterns that subside as energy levels equalize?

David Morey 2 21 August 2015

Yes, as I like to say, it is all real, the question is what sort of real? -e.g. is God a significant creation of human culture?

David Morey 2 21 August 2015

Of course, over 20 years ago, Robert Pirsig suggested a metaphysics in his book Lila that suggested we avoid talk of subjects and objects and look at reality simply in terms of patterns, change and what is of value. Ahead of his time perhaps

Dzen_o 20 August 2015

“…But what is information and how does it relate to matter?..” , etc.

- in this question there is no problems. It is proven rather long time ago (in framework of the “The Information as Absolute” conception), that all/everything what exist, existed, not exist etc. is/are some informational patterns that are elements of absolutely fundamental and absolutely infinite “Information” Set. Including Matter in our Universe is a set of informational patterns also as a subset of the main set; as well as Consciousness is a set of her elements, for example – individual humans’ consciousnesses, which is a sub-Set also; etc.

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