Dangerous beliefs

How our private beliefs can have public effects

Our beliefs about the world guide our actions in it. Likewise, our actions reveal our beliefs. But are there beliefs we hold in theory, but would never act on? Such a distinction can be dangerous and irresponsible, writes Kenneth Boyd.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be ripe source material for those looking to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories throughout social media and elsewhere online. One does not have to look far before finding people defending beliefs that the virus was made in a Chinese lab in order to control population numbers, or that it can somehow be contracted by being in proximity to 5G cellular towers, or that Bill Gates is, for whatever reason, behind the whole thing. Such beliefs are seemingly held in defiance of the available evidence and, for the most part common sense, and show no signs of going away any time soon.

Despite it being confounding that anyone should believe these things, we might think that, for the most part, be

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Gorei loke 5 November 2021

great to read it.

ida sanka 2 September 2021

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Joseph Tracy 7 September 2020

Straw man arguments. I am a fairly regular visitor to the web and never heard the idea that 5G systems were causing Covid-19. not saying this theory does not exist, but it has no major following and only an uneducated person would believe that. However, Many many have published articles and scientific papers about the dangers and negative health impacts of the high intensity EMF waves of 5G. This article seems to me to to try to associate the growing opposition to 5G based on science and the human experience of those close to EMF towers with loony conspiracy theories. BOGUS!!!!!!!!! Take on the real issue of 5G, disclosing your funders, and stop trying to associate the global resistance to 5G with straw man crap.