David Nutt: entropy explains consciousness

We don't need mysticism to explain psychedelic experience

In response to Bernardo Kastrup’s scathing criticisms of materialist explanations of the states of consciousness induced by psychedelics, David Nutt argues that we don’t need to adopt an untestable metaphysical worldview to explain the subjective richness of psychedelic experiences.

Let's start with where we agree. It doesn’t make intuitive sense that alterations in (increased) complexity of brain waves could explain the whole range of subjective experiences that are reported under the influence of psychedelics. I agree they probably don’t in a direct sense - it seems to me much more likely that they are correlated because they both derive from a common change in another system or systems. Despite Bernardo’s criticisms and scepticism, I think we can plausibly develop theories as a result of neuroscience and neuroimaging research coupled with simultaneous acquisitio

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Annselm Morpurgo 7 July 2023

I presented the first explication of Consciousness under Information Science at U. of Edinburgh during the 1973 Edinburgh International Festival's INTERACT computer sciences conference and exposition. Conscious communications are EJACULATORY UTTERANCES which prompt the next feedback neurobiological response. The paper was first published as a Masters Thesis at CUNY: The City College and is reprinted in an expanded anthology "Artemis Smith's ATHEIST MANIFESTO: a Unified Scientist's Creed" (ISBN 9781878998286 available from Ingram and Amazon). If you would like a free review pdf please email me, I am easily located on the internet.