How the West got Russia and China Wrong

The failed strategy of engagement

For the past thirty years the Western strategy towards Russia and China was to try and incorporate them into the global, liberal, democratic order by developing deep economic ties with the two countries. That strategy has failed. Russia and China became richer, but they also became more authoritarian, imperialistic, and anti-Western. They are now using the West’s interdependence with their economies as a weapon, attempting to coerce their democratic trading partners. China and Russia seem ready for a new period of intense and aggressive rivalry with the West. The question is, is the West prepared for it, asks Aaron Friedberg.


Vladimir Putin may not be a sentimental man, but he evidently has a special affinity for anniversaries.  So, as his Soviet forebears might have said, it is probably “no accident” that the Russian dictator chose the closing days of 2021, exactly thirty years after the demise of the Soviet Union, to set in motion his plans for fina

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Peter Lianes 9 May 2022

Whoever wrote this needs to have his mental health checked. What you call free and democratic world is actually parasitic destructive collective of countries that continuously murder millions of people in other coutries (Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Lybia, Afganistan.... the long list goes on) and destroy any spark of democracy in those countries all for one single purpose - to steal their natural resources and make them a puppet state that blindly follows only the interest of the rulling psychopaths from washington. I really dont understand how mentally deteriorated you are to talk about Russia and China and ignoring the massive crimes your country has commited. I had hope for this platform to spread good ideas, but with this retarded idiot spreasding lies and propaganda I see this is no different than CNN.

gpcus 6 April 2022

Ahahahah, platforming the deputy assistant for national-security affairs and director of policy planning under Dick Cheney to lecture on anything "the West" got wrong is funny... true, he should know about it, being co-responsible, but I think this neo-conservative vermins breed would never talk about their own faults and keep insisting the problem was not being aggressive enough worldwide