How to fix liberalism and capitalism's rocky marriage

Saving liberal democracy from its worst instincts

There is a general assumption that companies will relocate if governments try to regulate them in pursuit of profit. This has been much of the drive to outsource manufacturing to the global south. Martin Wolf argues that while this may be the case for relatively less-skilled professions, the networks of specialised labour in the west prevent this mobility. This, combined with good governance, can be the cornerstone for democratic reform to reduce precarious labour and fix the marriage of liberalism and capitalism. This is an excerpt from The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism.


Successful renewal is again possible. It has happened before. To achieve it, there must be imaginative and decent leadership. Yet there must also be ideas.

First, in high-income democracies, governments play a central role: they need to ensure that companies are subject to competition, the population is well educated and trained, the infrastructure on which the economy depends is fir

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