Looks are not superficial

Debunking the division between body and soul

As much as our culture idolizes beauty, it also thinks it’s shallow and superficial. But both of these evaluations get something wrong. The idea of beauty as only skin-deep is based on a long-debunked division between body and soul. Yet the fleeting admiration of a stranger’s beauty also misses the point. True appreciation of beauty takes attention, care, and love, argues David Egan. 


Beauty is only skin deep, we’re told. It’s superficial to be too concerned about surfaces and deep to love the depths of a person’s character. Stories like Beauty and the Beast and The Wife of Bath’s Tale emphasize the importance of seeing past a person’s outward appearance to their inner beauty. 

And yet. People are drawn to physically attractive people, and not only when it comes to mate choice. With voter preference, jury verdicts, students’ evaluation of teachers, teachers’ evaluation of students, looks, apparently, count. Good-looking pe

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Danial Astrak 10 September 2023

Looks are the outer layer of your soul. In other words, how we look does not define how we behave or what words we say.

Diana Wills 10 July 2023

I guess looks are superficial no matter what skin-color you are or how beautiful you are what makes you special is how big your heart is.

Aaron O'Neal 5 August 2021

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